ITPM Exam Questions

Your questions about the ITPM exams answered.

Your questions answered about the ITPM exams.

Why exactly is there an exam?

The exam is there as a marker to show overall how well you’ve understood the process. From the institute’s perspective it is there as a barrier to entry should you wish to trade inside the institutes infrastructure. It is all set out in the faq’s on the website.

If I take the exam and I fail or the grade I got I don’t like and I would like to improve my grade to reflect in the curriculum, could I rehire the course and repeat the exam?

The exams cannot be retaken.

How do you prepare for the exams?

Recommended: first binge watch the entire course, once through. Then go through again and take detailed notes. Go over your notes, without the course videos. If there’s anything in your notes that you don’t understand, return to those parts of the course. At that point, you’ll be ready to pass the exams! The courses are mostly text and number-based, so if you’re a visual learner, you’ll benefit from creating diagrams and images in your notes, to aid in learning the course content.

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