ITPM Course Review: “Introduction To Pro Level Trading” (IPLT)

WARNING: this ITPM review is NOT a short read. I’m going to go into detail about what this course is, the results you can expect, and if you should actually give ITPM your hard earned money. By the end, you’ll have everything you need to make an informed decision.


What is the ‘Introduction To Pro Level Trading’ course? (IPLT)

Why Did I Do It?

Is it actually worth the money?

What is the IPLT?

Introduction To Pro Level Trading (or IPLT) is a course put out by the Institute of Trading & Portfolio Management. I took this course and passed the exam in April of 2023.

    Straight up, the course is the best introduction to trading at a professional level you’ll ever buy.


    I could go into SO MUCH detail here. But I’ll keep it as short as possible: most people just aren’t aware of what professional traders do – especially those of you who are already interested in trading. Even worse, those of you who are already interested in trading for a living are most likely CLUELESS about the range of assets to trade, the proper timeframe to trade, and the usefulness of technical analysis.

    There are so many reasons for this. But it basically comes down to a massive CONFLICT OF INTEREST between the professional investment community, the big banks, and brokers. This conflict of interest has generated an endless sea of ‘gurus’ and ‘trading educators’ online, who are just affiliate marketers for brokers. What they teach has been tailored to make you lose. But you would NEVER figure it out unless you’ve come from the world of professional trading.

    Enter the IPLT. This is why this course NEEDS to exist. Because it breaks down what trading is and isn’t, the conflict of interest that keeps you on a hamster wheel, paying for useless ‘education’ or just coasting along on the ocean of free info out there.

    The fact is this: if you want to make trading an actual business, that pays money, reliably, constantly, forever, then you have to get taught by people who’ve done it professionally. And you will pay for this knowledge. Sorry, but you need money to make money. And if the product is FREE, guess what – YOU’RE THE PRODUCT.

    IPLT Course Content

    The IPLT is the best introduction to the world of professional trading, because it shows you – irrefutably – why what is taught by most ‘trading educators’ is rubbish, and what actual trading is. The course really exists to break any illusions you might have about trading, and gives you the core competencies of the trader – which, by the way, are timeless. In other words, you learn them once, and they can be applied to any market, on any timeframe, for the rest of your life, whether the markets are going up or down.

    The course content focuses on the importance of volatility – how to measure it, why it’s essential to understand for traders. It’s through this core understanding that everything else fits into place. The course is taught via a series of videos, delivered by Anton Kreil and Chris Quill, who takes you through the spreadsheet work. The delivery is very easy to understand, even if English is your second language.

    Why Did I Do The Course?

      How long was my journey to actually paying ITPM for their education? 14 years. Yup. That’s right. It took me FOURTEEN YEARS to seek out professional trading education. Do you think you procrastinate as much as me? Global Financial Crisis, Europe sovereign debt crisis, Oil, the Yen, Bitcoin, Trump, Brexit, Covid, Bitcoin again. And then, one day, in 2023, I decide to give my money to Anton Kreil and ITPM. What happened?

      So, let’s go way back in time to 2009. A program aired on UK television called Million Dollar Traders. You can watch this program on YouTube – they gave a few ordinary people basic trading knowledge and told them to build and manage a portfolio. Some were cocky, some were fearful, some had meltdowns, and a couple were actually decent. The whole group was managed by this guy Anton Kreil. The show planted a seed in my head, and soon after I began doing what I thought was ‘trading’.

      Fast forward a few years, and Anton is on YouTube, promoting his trading course. I think in those days they were taught in live seminars in London. At the time, in 2013, I was living in London and renting out a room. A guy who worked in the city came round to view the room, and saw charts on my open laptop, and recommend that I take the course. He didn’t take the room, but I saw him again in a club in London and he asked if I had signed up ITPM’s course. It would be another 10 years!

      So, I’ve been following ITPM over the years, and one day, the curiosity just overtook me. I just had to see what was in this course. The price was so low, it was like – “well, I’ve lost more money on a single trade, so this is just another business expense.” Boom – 14 years’ sales funnel.

      The fact is, I wasn’t happy with my own ‘trading’. My trading journey started the usual way – short-term, day trading. I was just lucky, because I opened my account at the beginning of Silver’s 2011 climb to $50. Every day I felt like a genius.

      As time went by, I became more of an ‘investor’. The problem with this is that there was a lot of ‘waiting around’. There’s no turnover; investing is SLOW. But to make money on a shorter timeframe is very specific, and you just need specialist training to do it consistently.

      The moment I realized this, I bought the course.

      So is it actually worth the money?

        The reason I tell my long boring story is this: many people take this course initially for different reasons. But everyone I’ve spoken to has the same thing in common: we’ve all got to a point of intellectual honesty where we’ve realized that what we’ve been doing isn’t working, and we’re prepared to seek out professional help to fix it.

        This is what IPLT course is. It’s there to literally break the programming of the literal thousands of ‘trading gurus’ and educators, whose ‘success’ is totally unverifiable. Once you take this course, you’ll see through the BS so easily. You’ll understand what trading is and isn’t. And, you can actually call these people out on their BS, because you’ll be equipped with professional knowledge that goes over these peoples’ heads.

        For example, what’s the most popular asset offered by educators: forex. Why? Literally why?? There’s very little volatility in the forex market, compared to mid cap and small cap stocks.

        Why do educators overwhelmingly focus on “technical analysis”? Because it’s visual; its an easy sell – buy low, sell high, follow the patterns in the rule book. Guess what? There’s no rulebook! Technical analysis has its place, but the reason an asset rises or falls is for fundamental reasons.

        Do you REALLY think Goldman Sachs makes billions of dollars by following chart patterns? It’s a joke. The whole retail trading industry is a joke, and the middle class fool is being laughed at.

        So this review is already too long. But I’m going to state this as simply as possible: if you’re intellectually curious and honest enough to realize that the vast amount of info out there is insufficient to be consistently profitable at a trader, and you’re looking for a easy way into the industry: you NEED this course.

        I know this sounds like a sales pitch. But don’t wait 14 years like me. There’s never been a better time to be a speculator in financial markets; there’s so much free information, so many resources available for the average person. The thing that’s been missing for most is just an open door into the world of professional trading. That’s what this course is: its opening the door, and you decide if you want to walk through.

        Where this course takes you is dependent on your own circumstances and goals. For me, it led onto the PTM, and POTM, which I’ll review another time. It’s optimized my process, and has given me a framework to quantify more complex information in other courses. But most of all, this course gives you knowledge that makes any other way of ‘trading’ just unpalatable; you’ll start on the journey to being a peer of other professional traders, riding high above all the fake educators (who are basically just lost retail traders on a broker affiliate program).

        At the very least, you’ll develop a curiosity for trading the markets, and you’ll be able to hold others to account – educators, peers, your pension fund manager. And at the most, it’s a first step on a journey that is designed to MAKE MONEY CONSISTENTLY. And there’s no limit to where that can lead.

        So I’ll sum it up: get the 50% discount, its absolutely the best first step in trading, the right way. It was my first step to refining my trading process – I hope it becomes yours too.

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